Espen Malling

nurturing systemic sensibilities

As the destabilizing consequences of past and current human activity are becoming clear, we're invited to reimagine the quality of our presence on Earth and grow into the role of responsible participants in our relations to both each other and the broader web of life.

My own humble contributions to that effort generally have to do with approaches and initiatives that strive to help stimulate meaningful change in our deeply entrenched cultural models and behaviors.

I'm particularly interested in exploring and facilitating learning processes that let us engage more appropriately with the complex, systemic nature of our world. Processes that nurture the sensibilities, insights, and tools that make it possible for both individuals and collectives to wisely manage the participation in a challenging present and the journey into an uncertain future in ways that, to the extent now possible, might cultivate long-term, systemic sustainability and thriving in relation to both human and non-human life.


With an educational background consisting of both formal and informal studies in areas such as human culture, (embodied) cognitive science, semiotics, social movements, communication, complexity, and ecology, I've been professionally involved in various educational and communications-oriented projects not least related to social and ecological issues, with activities including, for example, design and facilitation of learning processes, development of terminology and frames, writing and editing, community management, event organization, research, consulting, and various other things.

Many of the initiatives and people I've been affiliated with have in one way or another drawn on (living) systems-based or "regenerative" perspectives in the attempt to understand various aspects of our world, explain why we currently find ourselves in a perfect storm of converging crises, and explore what appropriate human participation in the biosphere may look like. My humble contributions to the various projects have often to a large extent consisted of supporting the already valuable voices, ideas, and initiatives of other, wildly talented and wise people working hard on these and related topics.

To the extent that time and resources allow for it, I'd be happy to discuss participation in activities that in similar ways align with my values, perspectives, and skills.

Find me by the ocean, in a capoeira roda, at the stove, engaged in conversation with caring, inspiring people, or busy planning out my future tiny house and food forest.


I recently helped prepare the Danish version of Daniel Wahl's "Designing Regenerative Cultures" for publication.

The original book has been a solid inspiration to many people, myself included, and has played a significant role in shaping the living systems-inspired approach to sustainable insight and action.

If you're curious about "Design af regenerative kulturer" and perhaps would like to order it, check out the publisher's website right here.

You can read more about my participation in this and other projects on my LinkedIn page.

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